Garage door restoration

Garage door restoration

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At Homeprovements we are on of the very few and credible companies that specialize in timber/wood restoration


Here we took a very weathered Saligna double garage door and we completely restored it by chemically stripping the door down to raw timber by hand to reveal the beautiful blonde timber under all of the existing sealant that had been applied over many years

All of our employees are highly skilled in the restoration of wood work with over 30 years experience and all of our restoration work is done by hand so we eliminate the use of any hand tools which often cause more damage to the wood then good

Once the timber is at its raw state, it under goes various processes which include an acid wash and further hand sanding until the natural raw wood is showing in all of its glory.


We then coated the garage door with 4x coats of a clear sealant which is what our client opted for.

Our client was over the moon with the result of the restoration we did to their garage door as it now looks better then new.


Why replace your old wooden doors, windows, decks or garage doors? Just restore with Homeprovements!!

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